ourstoryurtoolshop had humble beginnings. We started with “shed sitting” events where we would meet at friend’s home workshops, sheds and garages to look through their tool collections. We would trade and sell tools with each other, and soon discovered a need for a “tool exchange”, as tool trading was becoming very popular with our friends.

As the “tool exchange” became more successful we decided to open a tool shop to sell and buy quality tools. urtoolshop was born as a trading location to where we would take tools in to sell for friends. As more tools arrived for us to sell, we decided to apply a long time proven system of the “consignment shop”. urtoolshop is now a full service consignment shop selling hundreds of tools daily around the world.


UR Tools Shop
26 US Route 46 East
Lodi, NJ 07644
(201) 497-6767